Gia Bao Company Ltd. was the small manufacturing facility with over 10 employees in 1995. In 1998, the company was officially established by number 007796/GP-UBND decision of the Committee of Hai Duong. The company has created jobs for hundreds of workers since its establishment so far. Board of Directors and all staffs of the company alway constantly strive to make Gia Bao green bean cake to become famous brands in domestic and foreign markets.

With the motto "Quality generate prosperity" our company is applying quality management system according to international standards of ISO 9001-2015. We are proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of manufacture and supply of traditional products such as green bean cake, vary powdered beans (green beans, black beans, soy flour).

Gia Bao Company Ltd. was awarded the Third Labor Medal, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister together with a lot of certificates of merit from departments of central to local. The company's products also were received numerous awards for quality by the prestigious agencies awarded such: Gold Cup brand safe for public health, Super Cup brand known for the protection of public health and community Development, Topten Gold Cup of Vietnamese product brand for reputation, quality ... Gia Bao green bean cake are voted as Vietnam high quality goods by consumers for years. The company currently has two patents industrial designs and an exclusive patent. Patent number 8632 in the boxes contain green bean cake is gold jars. Patent number 15719 in the boxes contain green bean cake is gold fruit. Exclusive patents number 707 about black bean flour product of instant drink.
In addition to care the quality product, company is also very focused about improving product design. The company currently has more than 30 packaging design products to meet maximum the needs of customers.
Continuous rated as a strong brand, with various designs, quality prestigious, the products of Co. Jiabao is currently sold in all provinces across the country, the big supermarkets, travel parks… In addition, the company's products are also exported to countries such as China, Taiwan, America and some European countries.

In order not to betray the trust of our customers for our products,  Co. Jiabao will not stop effort to preserve and promote the quintessence of traditional green bean cakes to do customer satisfication, as well as maybe bring traditional food culture of Hai Duong in particular and Vietnam in general to go to introduce with international friends.
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